Who is Jesse Nusbaum?

Jesse Nusbaum is a sculptor from Connecticut best known for creating realistic bronze animals.

His commitment to fidelity is displayed in a unique technique he developed to highlight surface details. The resulting sculptures appear so lifelike that viewers have reported feeling like they have “experienced a face-to-face encounter with the actual animal.” 

“I strive to replicate the actual subject,” explained the artist during a recent interview, “utilizing micro-detail encourages an intimate, close-up view.”


  • The Art Album Live | Dawud Knuckles, 2015

  • A New Conceptual Art and Fashion | Original Living Magazine, 2018

  • Top 40 Under 40: Class of 2019 | Connecticut Magazine 2019

  • Important World Artists | World Wide Art Books, 2018

  • International Contemporary Masters | World Wide Art Books, 2019

  • 100 Artists of the Future | Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, 2019



  • In 2018, his work was showcased at the highly exclusive Red Dot Venue at Art Basel Miami, where his gallery won several awards.

  • In November 2017, Nusbaum was inducted into the Silvermine Guild of Artists, one of the youngest artists to become a member of the guild.


Gallery Features & Exhibitions

  • Mamaroneck Artist Guild in Mamaroneck, N.Y.

  • Stamford Art Association in Stamford, CT

  • Martin Art Gallery in Allentown, P.A.

  • Limner Gallery in Hudson, N.Y.

  • Ridgefield Artist Guild in Ridgefield, C.T.

  • Guilford Craft EXPO 2019 in Guilford, CT

  • Juried Member of AreaArtist.com

  • Art Basel Miami, 2015

  • Art Basel Miami, 2017

  • Art Basel Miami, Red Dot, 2018

  • Zenith Art & Fashion Gallery in Miami, FL

  • University of Connecticut Trophy Cases

  • Carriage Barn Arts Center in New Canaan, C.T.

  • Greenwich Art Society in Greenwich, C.T.

  • Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts in Mystic, C.T.


Upcoming Projects

Nusbaum has been selected to work alongside world-renowned artist Fernando Cid de Diego to design and to create a sculpture for a proposed new museum dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta, Ga.  

I selected Jesse to work with me in Atlanta because I saw in him the same attributes I possess as a sculptor; just not at such a young age.  He will make his mark in the art world as a sculptor
—  Fernando Cid de Diego

Mentoring & Studio

Nusbaum mentors and teaches drawing, painting and sculpting to public school students in Fairfield County, Conn.  He continues to conduct private lessons to people of all ages at his studio in Weston and also mentors numerous artists on how to navigate the art world; particularly sculpting.