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My style is hyper-realism. Each piece is intricately sculpted with precision; utilizing micro-detail encourages an intimate close-up interaction




Jesse’s bronze sculptures were showcased as part of Zenith Art and Fashion’s exhibition at Red Dot Miami 2018 during Miami Art Week. Not only was his work a highlight of the show, engaging art media, art aficionados and art collectors alike, but his work was one of the reasons the gallery garnered the Best New Exhibitor Award and Spotlight Award for the show.
— Linda Mariano, Managing Director of marketing at Red Dot, and all of Redwood Media Group.
Jesse’s dedication to the meticulous detail incorporated into each of his bronze sculptures is remarkable. He has a tremendous future ahead.
— BusinessWire


Featured Yale, University of Georgia and University of Connecticut Mascots



100% Hot Cast Bronze Sculptures

Hot cast bronze sculptures are made by using 100% molten metal and is museum quality. We guarantee that all of our sculptures are genuine Hot Cast bronze or aluminum using the Lost Wax method.